One Man’s Show

  • In the end, what matters?
    Taking critical moments in the existence of Emil, a Cameroonian actor based in Paris, One Man’s Show explores the life of a middle aged Man as he tries to make sense of the choices that has lead him to homelessness and squatting in the dingy make-up room of a local theatre.
    Walls covered with posters of theatre plays, some which only a few will ever see. This is a space of rituals of the imagination.
    Emil, sits in front three mirrors: three screens, his images reflected.
    “Papa, what is the difference between memory and imagination”,
    …the nine-year-old boy asks, as his Father comes to the end of an imagined bed time story.
    There is something sombre about this relationship, a distance between the two… Perhaps from things unsaid.
    Earlier, in the day, Father and Son played in the fields. It is Son’s birthday and Father had put on a Clown show to please.
    Told in four acts: Birth, Hell, Purgatory and Paradise, ONE MAN’s SHOW, is a film made up of elliptical vignettes of memory and imagination, broken dreams, broken hearts and the cost to relationships of a “passion” to remain true to one’s self.
    Birth opens with a balloon floating along a stream carried by the current.
    Life !

  • original format: HD
    running time: 75 mins
    screening format: DCP
    sound mix: mono
    image format: colour/bw
    aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1

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